Montessori Asia Conference Hong Kong 2017

Organised by
Hong Kong Montessori Research and Development Association
Co-organised by
American Montessori Society  The Education University of Hong Kong  Association for Childhood Education International--Hong Kong and Macau  Montessori Asia
Theme: Montessori Cosmic Education
Conference (20 - 21 May 2017  The Education University of Hong Kong)
Montessori School Visit (22 May 2017  Infinity Montessori Academy  International Montessori School  Small World Christian Kindergarten)

Montessori Asia Conference The Story

Conference Highlights  

Photos  YouTube  Youku

Opening Ceremony

Mr. Ralph Yau, Founding Member of Montessori Asia & Founding Chairman of HKMRDA  YouTube  Youku

Prof. Tsui Kwok Tung, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education and Human Development, The Education University of Hong Kong YouTube  Youku

Prof. Joyce Pickering, President, American Montessori Society (2014-2017)  YouTube  Youku

Dr. Becky Lau, Chairperson, Association for Childhood Education International-Hong Kong and Macau YouTube  Youku

Ms. Daisy Lau, Chairperson, Hong Kong Montessori Research and Development Association (HKMRDA)  YouTube  Youku

Prof. Kevin Chung, Department of Early Childhood Education, The Education University of Hong Kong


Keynote Addresses

Professor Joyce Pickering & Gina Lofquist: Inclusion - Respecting Each Child's Learning Difference 

Prof. Angeline Lillard: More Science Behind the Genius pdf

Prof. Michelle Lane-Barmapov: Montessori and Autism

Prof. Jane Osgood: "Quick, come! There is something really Chinese-y going on in the baby room right now" - Towards Critical Affirmative Research Practices in Early Childhood Education

Prof. Elizabeth Jones: Examining Hong Kong Children's Relations with Objects

Prof. Marlene Barron: Rethinking Education in a Flat World  Youku 


Guest Lectures

Maria Yu: Research in Chinese PinYin and Chinese Characters from Persepctive of the Taiwan Montessori Education Development

Kimitoshi Matsuura: Montessori as Peace Education - Is there enough focus on Peace Education as much as we teach math and language?

Geoffrey E. Bishop: Nature, the First and Essential Environment

Li Shuying: A Reflection on the Integration of Montessori Education and the Tradtional Chinese Culture  pdf

I-Fang Lee: The Promise of Montessori Approach to Early Education in Today's Education Climate

Liu Wen: Montessori Education and Children Creativity  pdf

Ke Xiaowei: The Impact of Montessori Teaching on Modern Chinese Education  pdf

Fanny Wai-Fan Lam: Update On Neuroscience Underpinning Child Development - Why The First 1,000 Days Matters? pdf

Lim Chuan Yew, Ralph Yau: The Effect of Spinal Cord Curving and Scoliosis on a Growing Child  pdf


Day 1 Presentations

Elizabeth Park, Yan Yan Imamura: The Benefits and Challenges of Intergenerational Centre that offer Adult Day Care and Montessori-based Preschool

Dialogue with Professor Lillard

Karin Ann: Multisensory Learning in the Dual Language Environment

Gao Likui, Zhao Yue, Zhu Lin: The Birth of a Rural Chinese Montessori Kindergarten pdf

Tan Jianguo, Zhang Jinfen: The Birth of Montessori Chinese Cultural Materials pdf

Audrey Wong: Montessori Learning - More Effective, Higher Level Learning

Susan Lee: Keeping a Good Quality in Montessori Teacher Education Program pdf


Li Hsiu-Li: Research of Appyling the Picture Book in Peaceful Education of Young Children

Daisy Lau, Ralph Yau: From Zero to Infinity - Montessori Parent Education in Chinese Community  pdf

Andreas Becker: Montessori West meets East - a Comparison of Montessori in Germany and Thailand

Chia-Hsun Chang: How can Children Improve Mathematics by using Montessori Approach under an Educational System

Brian Hui, Trevor Wong: Montessori Culture Curriculum for the Children Going Back to Nature  pdf


Day 2 Presentations

Charmaine Li: Understanding the Works of Occupational Therapist

Vincent Wong: Infinite Music - Implementation of Musical Minds in a Hong Kong Montessori School pdf

Ma Xiaojia: Cultural Inheritance of Chinese Ethnic Minorities in Montessori way  pdf

Horance Wong, Floreta Liu: "Curriculum" in a Hong Kong Montessori School

Japan Montessori Institute: Preparing Rich Culture Environment for Our Beginners - Localization of Montessori in Japan

Selina Cheung: The First Lesson for Children - Physics

Cheng Ka Chon: Coexistence of Traditional and Montessori Education pdf

Maureen Kong: Enhancing the Quality and Sensitivity of Parent-Child Interactions in Pre-school Children with Developmental Disabilities pdf

Rosemary Gosse: Creating a Road Map for a Montessori School pdf

Daisy Lau, Teresa So: The Art of Chinese Characters 

Hung Chueh-Mei: Spiritual Development Process of Montessori Teacher pdf

Jesmine Lok: More than Just a Puzzle  pdf

Teresa Tsai: Montessori Journey from Early Childhood to Primary School

Cheryl Lam: How to Secure the Language Sensitive Period

Daisy Lau, Shirley Chen: The Root of Peace - The Plan of Infant Teacher in Peace Education

Leung Shuk Yee, Lee Shun Wai: The Fact of Applying Montessori Method in Hong Kong Kindergarten  pdf

Cheung Hiu Fai, Chinese Music Ensemble and Montessori parents: Interactive Chinese Music Concert

Daisy Lau: Infant Community - The Wisdom of Observation  pdf

Teachers of Infinity Children's School, Chan Hoi Man, Chan Po Shan, Halo Sze: Infant Community - Infant and Toddler Extension Works designed by AMS teachers

Teachers of Infinity Children's School: Infant Community - Toddler and Parent Class Demonstration

AMS & AMI Teachers: Casa dei Bambini (Aged 3-6 Montessori Classroom)

Poster Session: HKMRDA/ The Education University of Hong Kong/ Professor Michelle Lane-Barmapov/ Japan Montessori Institute/ Capital Education Institute/ Andreas Becker/ Dalian Hongmei Bilingual Kindergarten

"Touching Moment" Photo Exhibition

Deng Chao, Liu Li Wei: Awakening the Sense of Art


Closing Ceremony

Prof. Zhu Jiaxiong, Executive Director of the Chinese Society of Education announced that 2018 Montessori Asia Conference will be held in Shanghai

Ms. Chen Aidi, Chief Expert Member of Association Montessori Internationale China Affiliated Society

HKMRDA Chairperson, Montessori Asia Members, The Edcucation University of Hong Kong Professors and Chinese Society of Education Montessori Education Expert Committee


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