【Introduction to Montessori】Free Online Seminar
28/6/2022 (Tue) 6:00-7:00pm Apply
Link will be sent on the same day of the seminar.

Language: Cantonese

  • HKMRDA organizes the “Montessori Asia Conference Hong Kong 2017” with The Education University of Hong Kong, Association of Children Education International--Hong Kong and Macau and Montessori Asia.
  • Founders presented "The Art of Parent Education" in the International Conference on Parenting in the 21st Century which is co-organized by Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong and Tung Wah Group.
  • Chairperson Daisy Lau cooperate with the Education Universtity of Hong Kong on the project “Root of Peace”, to promote peace education in primary schools.
  • Montessori Conference in Shanghai 2015: Director Daisy Lau presented “The Art of Parent Education”
  • Daisy Lau was invited to HKIEd to give a talk on “Starting Young: Montessori Education” to Hong Chi Schools.
  • Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation Conference 2015: Chairman Ralph Yau was invited to give a talk on Montessori Education
  • Montessori Asia Conference in Tokyo: HKMRDA Chairman Ralph Yau presented  “The Concept of balance in Montessori philosophy and Chinese Philosophy” 
  • Hong Kong University Graduates Association Education Foundation Conference: Chairman talked on the topic “Win at the start?!”
  • Hong Kong Institute of Education Conference on Professional Development: Chief Executive Daisy Lau shared “Education for Life”
  • Education Conference: “Modern Chinese Educators: The Theory and Practice of Tao Xingzhi and Chen Heqin”: coorganised with the Baptist University
  • Montessori Asia Conference in Moscow: HKMRDA chairman presented  “A Participatory Model: How do Montessorians Cope with the Fast-changing Society”.
  • Montessori Asia Conference in Singapore: Chief Executive presented “The Art of Observation”  
  • Montessori Asia Conference in Taipei: HKMRDA chairman presented presented “Preventive Education and Preventive Medicine: The Normalization of Parents” and Chief Executive Daisy Lau presented the dissertation titled “The Beginning: The Art of Parent Education” 
  • Our founders were on the discussion panel at the Montessori Asia  Conference at Beijing.
  • The 63rd OMEP (World Organization for Early Childhood Education) World Conference visited our member school.
  • Chairman was on the discussion panel at the Montessori Asia conference in Seoul Korea. He also presented “Montessori Education and Chinese Medicine” and “The Key to Running Montessori Parent Education Programmes”
  • Ambassador Soliven from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations), the founder of O.B. Montessori Center in the Philippines, visited HKMRDA and Infinity Children’s School (a Montessori School) and engaged in close and constructive dialogues with parents and directresses.
  • Chairman and Chief Executive were invited to attend a panel discussion on “The Integration of Western Educational Approaches and Chinese Traditional Culture” in Nanjing. Descents of the renowned Chinese educator Chen He Qin were also at the meeting.